Personalized book for children


What is a personalized book for children ?

The idea is to personalize our stories so that your children become the heroes. We just need a few details such as their name, surname, age, town and family members or friends. Personalize a story and you will encourage your child to read.

For a birth, Christmas or a birthday, that will be an original and unique present !

Who our personalized books are aimed at ?

ensemble de livres personnalisés pour enfant

There is a wide range of topics in our collection, so there is something for everyone  : famous tales such as « the three little pigs » , « the little mermaid » or « Beauty and the beast », stories about princesses, dinosaurs, super-heroes or everyday situations  like « the circus », « visit to the farm » or « goooal ».

Our personalized books are aimed at every child from 2 to 8

If your child can’t read yet, that’s fine ! You can read it to them and share a special moment with them.

Our books are available in French, English and Spanish, which is also the opportunity to get familiar with a foreign language, or improve your child’s skills.


Discover our personalized books for children

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